Back to the resightings

Thank you to everyone who’s sent in resightings of the Cotswold birds – I’m working my way through the updating so expect an email soon. Generally, we’ve seen that a lot of the marked birds have stuck around the water park and are now starting to pair off into breeding pairs.

Looking back at the winter resightings, the rather jagged network below shows where birds have been, and where they got to after they left each site. Each node (blue circle) represents a site and each edge (line) represents a movement from one site to another. It’s a directed network that shows which sites at the waterpark are most important for the marked birds – with node size relating to the average flock size at the site.

Network of the way in which birds have been observed to move around the water park.

This is really rather cool because in order to know how pathogen will move through a landscape, it’s important to know how the carrier of the pathogen is using the landscape – is every site connected to every other directly, or are some only ever connected through certain hotspots?


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