November in the Cotswold Water Park


It’s ON! I’ve been back, roaming the water park with scope and notebook. I’m using the daylight hours to resight and the dusky hours to catch up on the work and get all my resightings somewhere more secure than a few grubby sheets of paper. In the meantime, there will be some delay between resightings coming in and being added to the Resightings page and map.

As well as large numbers of tufted duck, cormorants and a fair few pochard, I’ve been stalking the wintering flocks of canada geese that are roaming over the meadows of Lechlade and the grassy banks of lake 9. I’m aiming to collect simple behavioural data as well as collar IDs, which means a lot longer staring through a scope cursing geese for hiding behind each other. In excellent news, I’ve resighted 70% of the geese we ringed and collared in the summer so, whilst it doesn’t look as though most of them have moved much, I will be able to build a much more complete picture of their social networks. Which is rather the whole idea.

Finally, many, many thanks to the Waterland watersports centre at Keynes Country Park that are allowing me to stay on site (theirs is the lovely view above).

To finish, a view towards Cricklade, thus completely misrepresenting the weather so far.



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