August networks

Data entry is finished and, in between writing reports, I’ve been waiting to see how August is looking in terms of goosey networks. At first view, it’s looking great.

I (and several generous observers) have recorded and resighted 107 of the 153 birds originally collared. From the birds for which we have sex data, we’ve resighted pretty much the same percentage of males and females – 67.3% of males have hung about and 67.8% of females. This is interesting because it doesn’t look as though one sex is dispersing out of the study area more than the other.

I’ve included a quick and very rough network below, from which we can see that the females (circle) and males (squares) are still spread out all over the place. In this network, each point is a goose and each line is where they’ve been seen together. The algorithm’s picked up on seven clusters (shown in different colours), several of which are likely to correspond to geographic locations.

I’ll be back at the Water Park in September. In the meantime, if you do happen to see one of these birds, please send in the details.

Social network clusters of Canada geese

All thanks to Socprog and Ucinet


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