Networks, networks

This is what it’s all about. I’m out on fieldwork, trotting from field to field searching for the geese, so I thought I’d refresh myself with a taste of the ultimate product – a network showing the associations of geese. In this network, each node is an individual goose (with females as circles and males as squares). Each line between a pair of nodes is a record that those two geese have been seen together. As time goes on, and the database of observations gets larger, we can find out how many geese each particular goose associates with – how many ‘friends’ it has.
Here, most geese are in clusters, and only a few geese move between the clusters. This network was formed during the moult, so the geese between clusters were probably among the first to regrow their flight feathers and start exploring.
This image was made using Netdraw in UCINET.


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